Refused or Declined Insurance

Refused or Declined Insurance

Home owners can be refused or declined Home Insurance for a number of reasons:-

Postcode Area – the insurance company you have approached may have
suffered many losses in a particular postcode area and so
may decide not to write business in those areas.  The main perils
covered under an insurance policy which could prompt
Insurers to make this decision are:-

a)     Crime related perils – such as Theft, Burglary and Vandalism

b)     Flood

c)     Subsidence

d)    Climate related perils – such as Storm, Frozen Pipes, Snow

Construction – if your home is not built of standard materials such as brick, stone, concrete with a pitched tiled roof then it may be considered by many Insurers as non-standard construction.  You could be refused or declined terms if your home:-

a)     Has more than a 50% flat roof of varying construction

b)     Is made of Timber

c)     Cob, Wattle and Daub

d)    Steel Frames

e)     Pre-fabs

f)      Eco Homes

g)     Flat roof covered with shingle

h)     Stramit

Occupation of the property – some insurers will not
cover your home if you do not live in it permanently for instance

a)     It is rented out

b)     Unoccupied

c)     You use it as a holiday home

d)    Shared occupation – if you have a lodger

Adverse Claims Experience – many Insurers refuse or decline to offer Insurance to you if you have made lots of attritional claims over theyears – this is defined as many small claims with different incurred dates, but all lying in a well-defined time period. So by definition, an attritional claim does not have an incurred date since it is an aggregate of many small claims.  They may also refuse Insurance if you havesuffered a large claim within the last 3-5 years.

Occupation - some occupations are classed by Insurers
as high risk a few examples are:-

a)     Jewellers

b)     Scrap dealers

c)     Publicans

d)    Club owners

e)     Armed Forces

f)      Entertainers

g)     Celebrities

The reasons may be connected to your personally or because your occupation takes you away from the home more
than the normal 9-5.

Convictions – the majority of mainstream Insurance Companies will refuse to insure you if you have a criminal conviction that is
not spent.  Some Insurers ask if you have ever had a conviction and do not specify that you do not have to mention those
that are spent.  This has caused problems for some policy holders who haven’t told their insurance companies they have a conviction
(whether spent or not) when they lodge a claim. Most Insurers say you should inform them if you or any member of your
household has a conviction even if it is spent. You can check whether or not a conviction is spent by visiting

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