Insurance company makes wearing a helmet compulsory - Natives
The old debate of ski and snowboard helmets has been brought back into the forefront by a leading travel insurance company.

A third of UK residents are unaware of the new gender ruling shake up - This is Money
Almost a third of women who face rising costs  due to an EU ruling do not realise that their car insurance could rise steeply in just a  month's time

Do you have house insurance in place in the event of flooding? - Eastbourne Herald
With all the heavy rain recently...

Cancer victims disgust - The Star

A Sheffield Dad of two with cancer id fighting his insurance company...

Wales Floods - BBC Wales
Some families affected by the devastating floods in north Ceredigion have been warned they will have to leave their homes for up to six months.

Blackbox insurance may be cutting young drivers' costs but I still worry about  the spy in the car - This is Money
In recent times, telematics technology has become popular in the UK, with an increasing number of motorists having boxes installed...

More Motorists Caught Speeding - Wales Online
More motorists were caught speeding last year, with the worst offender caught doing 152MPH...

Importance of Declaration
Orbis Insurance Services Limited have issued a press release regarding the importance of declaring medical conditions when travelling abroad

Cancer caused me to cancel my wedding - The Guardian
'Two months before we were due to marry last May I was diagnosed with cancer...

Insurance solution for flood-risk homes -
A new solution to help homeowners on flood plains...

Couple can't get insurance - The Sun
Unable to get insurance for their chrome plated mini...

High risk for cancer patients who cant' get GP appointments -
Nearly a quarter of patients have cancer diagnosed by A&E

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