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Dean was born in .... on ....

Growing up Dean lived a colourful life and fell on the wrong side of the law which resulted in him spending
4 years in prison.

During this time Dean learnt a lot about himself
and who he wanted to be. He discovered the
medium of art as an alternative form
of expression and embarked upon
his new project; Art Saves Lives.

his aim was to encourage others to use art
as a positive form of expressing
themselves and has subsequently
supported a number of people from                                                                     KEEP UP TO DATE WITH DEAN
all walks of life to be a part of a                                                                                AND ART SAVES LIVES
great organisation.

Art as a term covers a multitude of genres                        
from painting and poetry to acting and singing.                 

His work has inspired many people including
Sheila Hancock.

Dean now has a beautiful young daughter and has recently
announced the news that his partner is expective twins.      

View some of Dean's work here:

God Don't Live on a Council Estate - You Tube

Evening Standard Article - This man helped me put down the gun and
pick up a camera

The Eden Project's Keys Garden

Priceless, by Carl Chetty, read by Keith Barron with music by Rupert Embleton-Smith

I Get a Little Bit Closer, written and performed by Jenny Strawson

The Eye Monologue, written and performed by Daisey Martley

My Journey on the Tube, written and performed by  Michelene Phillipe Heine

The Mixer, by Laura Stevens – read by Helen Millar



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Dean works with youths involved in knife crime

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