Insurance is an important factor when considering the potential loss of your assets. Every individual owns something which requires protection and in addition the need to cover potential loss of earnings/the risk of having to pay out for accidental incidents.

Each insurer sets their own rate and acceptance criteria and this varies from one to another. Many choose a niche area to target a specific market or demographic and therefore refuses to offer insurance to anyone that falls outside this criteria.

There are a number of factors that are taken in to consideration by insurers before offering acceptance terms to an individual and any of these could have a detrimental effect on the ability to find a comprehensive policy.

Cantgetinsurance.co.uk believes that all individuals should have the opportunity to obtain an insurance policy. We also believe in the importance of having access to a professional broker/intermediary on hand to help provide this.

Our insurers assess all cases on an individual basis and do not automatically decline any person. We work with you and the insurers to provide the best products available. Whilst we cannot guarantee acceptance terms in every case, we can guarantee to facilitate 99.9 percent of the enquiries we receive.

Our partners have very high service standards and access to insurance companies not shown on comparison sites. For more information on each of our products please visit the appropriate icon below:

To make a complaint please address it to the manager at the following address:

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Or Call: 01424 220 110

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